ArcGIS Pro: Linking Map view to Layout view

09-14-2017 07:07 AM
Status: Implemented
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It would be great if you could Link the "Map views" to the "Layout views".   So, if I navigate to something in one of my "Map views" it shows up on the "Layout View" tab as well.  Without having to create a bookmark.


This would increase the functionality of normal map production (pdf maps) in our office. 


I thought this would have already been an option, but apparently not. If you have a large area that you are mapping it makes it difficult to find the specific area again especially if you have to make the map in multiple sizes. I know you can create bookmarks, but I don't think you should have to make a bookmark to "link" views. 


 How is this functionality not already included? I don't see what the point of having linked views is if you can't even put it in the layout. 


Totally agree.  Sometimes I end up making a map, making the layout, then changing the extent of the map via the map tab.  I liked how in ArcMap the map & layout were automatically linked.  I don't want to have to change the extent in two places.  A "link" or "reset" button would be great!  Perhaps linked could be the default & there could be a button to unlink.


It is especially frustrating to spend an hour or two in map view, zoomed to an extent that covers your project, getting symbols right, etc, then drag the map to a layout and be zoomed to the whole world! In Arc, I could be at 1:24000 in data view, and in layout view that would default to say, 1:56000 initially,  but zoomed in on my project area. Set that to 1:24000. But most importantly, I can (In Arc), in data view, zoom, pan, and center on a feature, go to layout view, I'm zoomed, panned, and centered on that feature. In Pro, this is more mouse clicks as I now have to "Activate" something. 


This functionality would greatly improve our efficiency during collaborative exercises when reviewing areas and exporting artifacts. I'd like to use the map view for discussion and quickly jump to the layout view to export a graphic when needed. The requirement to create a bookmark or navigate to the same location in the layout view adds unnecessary clicks and time to the process.

Same issue reported here:  


Totally agree. Having map and layout synch up automatically should be seamless.


I have a county map with 20,000 parcels. I just want to print my layout with the map view I have already found. Why do I want to have to look it up again in the layout view. REALLY?


Yes please. You can link map views, you should be able to link map & layout views.


I am utterly dumbfounded that this capability is not the DEFAULT.  But for it to not even be available as an option is completely absurd.