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ArcGIS Pro - Feature Weight Buffers

11-22-2019 11:54 AM
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It would be useful if I could assign a buffer for labeling around features. Currently I can assign a weight for features, but for points with large symbols, labels will still overlap the symbol. With a buffer available for feature weight I can make sure labels steer clear of features.


Are you using ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro? 

Are you using Maplex or the Standard labeling engine?

Can you provide screenshots of your placement settings and the resulting overlap between labels and features? 

If you're seeing labels overlap symbols, have you gone into the label offset options and set it to offset from the exact symbol outline?


ArcGIS Pro:

Switch to either Simplified symbol or Exact symbol outline

If this isn't working for you, please share more details about your settings and screenshots.

Thank you.


Hi Kory,

Thank you so much for replying to this idea. I'm using ArcGIS Pro and I'm assuming maplex since I've done some customs settings. It looks like the offset settings you are talking about is for avoiding features when you are labeling from that feature, whereas my problem is with a label from a different layer overlapping a feature (image below).

While going through this I think I actually found a solution.If I tell my point feature to label and then turn everything to no color(invisible), the polygon labeling will avoid it due to the "label buffer" I have set up. This solution is not very intuitive though, so perhaps a solution could still be implemented.

Settings for my polygon labeling

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Hi @BrettFrahm 

You can use feature weights for this.  Weight the feature class you don't want the labels to place over.  You can use a block of 1000

in the images below the red dot is a point feature class on top of the polygon feature class.  I'm labeling the polygon feature class and the label goes over the point feature.  if I give the point feature a weight of 1000 to block labels the polygon label shifts off of it






by Anonymous User

Hello @WendyHarrison ,

In my original post I do bring up feature weights and I explain how it was inadequate in my particular situation. I am using a rather large picture symbol as the symbology of my point and the label still overlapped the symbol regardless of feature weight being used. 


@Anonymous User could you attach it so I can test?

by Anonymous User

@WendyHarrison , I reopened this old project and confirmed that feature weights fixed the issue. No further action needed.