ArcGIS Pro: Export Symbol to Image

05-29-2020 10:21 AM
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I've run into a few workloads (such as documentation and updating symbols in ArcGIS Online) where I need to save a point symbol created in Pro to an image. I can do this by hand using image editors and print screen with the symbol preview window but this is more time consuming and error prone than if I could export the symbol directly to an image file (PNG, GIF, BMP etc.). This could also allow me to render the symbol at very high resolutions for archiving purposes and avoid issues with removing the background color from the screen capture. A SVG export option for supported symbols would also be nice but exporting to a raster image format would work for me.


Any more information on this? I have a similar need. I want to match my map symbols with a graph that will be displayed on the same page as the map.


agree, I need this!


Agree!  Need this as well!


We are still on Enterprise 10.8.1 and will be for some time. I simply want to export a symbol with different colored backgrounds and apply it in the map... will be a really long time before we get the vector icons available in ArcGIS Online. Wish it was as easy as this mockup to create our own symbols.


I agree this would be very useful.  Publishing a layer from Pro to AGOL or Enterprise Portal is very lossy in the image conversion, and inconvenient to move a picture symbol from one existing web layer to another.  Afaik you have to open the layer properties JSON, pull out the image data base64 string, decode that into a PNG, host it on imgur or wherever, then insert that url to your layer symbology using the classic map viewer.  I'd like to be able to get a PNG straight from Pro.  Would also be nice to use a custom vector image for a symbol.


Agree 100%. This would be extremely useful!


@JasonBrown did you add your kudos to the idea?