ArcGIS Pro: Enhance Map Layout Performance

10-09-2017 11:40 AM
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Performance issues with map layouts in ArcGIS Pro 2.0. It consistently takes 10-15 seconds for a map layout to refresh even when making changes as minor as legend or scale bar appearance properties.

I am still very early in the learning process from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. However, my organization cannot migrate to ArcGIS Pro if we continue to experience current performance issues. Testing is done with data and projects saved to the local hard drive. Existing performance issues will become more pronounced once we begin connecting to data resources hosted on our network and/or internet resources (i.e. AGOL).

Local machine is 32GB memory, dual six-core SSD, Windows 7 64-bit OS. Any feedback or comments are welcome and appreciated.

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asainz09‌ I'll ping you offline to see if you can share your layouts and data.  Logging an idea to improve performance, while it may garner a lot of votes (after all, who doesn't want everything to be faster, always!  ) doesn't give us anything specifically actionable.  If you're able to share your data and some layouts that are not performing well, that gives the development team something to look at.

Thank you.


Anything coming from a SDE source essentially shuts Pro down, whereas ArcMap does not exhibit anywhere near the same slow performance with the same data. I think the idea has significant merit and isn't wanting the software to be "faster" just for "faster's sake": the user, whom is using data not in a sanitized test lab, like many others, is experiencing serious performance issues (that aren't present in Arc Map) that make switching to Pro a barrier. 


Thank you for the input, tpcolson‌.

Alex and I communicated in October and received the project that was causing issues in layout - we passed that on to the development team so that they could investigate.  I don't have a specific response to that, but I know that they were looking into it.  At this point, since Pro 2.1 releases tomorrow, I would recommend upgrading and then test performance again.

I know that you're highly aware of this, but for any others who stumble upon this thread, there are many factors that can result in performance issues for an end user.  Some of those might be in the control of ArcGIS Pro meaning that we could find an issue in how we do something, and change it to increase performance.  This is when it is very important for us to have specifics about the environment (OS, DBMS versions, details about numbers of layers, symbology, labeling, whether the issue persists in all maps/projects or not, etc. etc.)  And get some actual comparison times especially if comparing between ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.  e.g. In ArcMap my layers in this map draw in 1 second and in ArcGIS Pro the same layers from the mxd that was imported draw in 10 seconds.  That is worth us investigating.  

Because of the level of troubleshooting involved, these types of things are often best treated through a case with technical support, rather than threads in the Ideas space, or even GeoNet in general.  If you have examples where you're experiencing consistent performance differences when moving work from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro, please help us by documenting that with support so that it can be treated in depth, and if needed, we can get these examples to the appropriate development team to investigate. 

Thank you!


Thank you for all your comments and votes. Significant improvements were made to performance overall in the ArcGIS Pro 2.8 release. At this time I'm going to close this issue. If you have performance snags in ArcGIS Pro going forward please create new question, consider reaching out to technical support, or add a new idea if it meets the idea submission criteria . Thanks! 

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