ArcGIS Pro: Disaster Recovery/Portable Workspace

03-07-2017 02:22 AM
Status: Open
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Recently recovered from a disk-crash, and I found that my carefully configured UI-configuration in ArcGIS Pro (1.4) (panels/anchors/windowed/etc...) was completely gone. Although a lot of it is easy to resolve... it prevented me from continuing. My organisation (naturally) doesn't use roaming profiles for technical staff, the result being I lost productivity.

It would be a blessing if the named user already used for licensing reasons has an ability to store window/panel preferences; either that; or the ability to store it per project (though when combining that with GIT that could go horrible...), that way, whenever I go to a new machine, or my drive crashes again, all I had to do is sign in, and my carefully configured UI would be back the way it was!

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