ArcGIS Pro Database Connection Naming based upon Database not Instance

09-08-2017 10:51 AM
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I, like I feel most people, have multiple .sde databases underneath one instance (Production, Staging, Development, etc.). When I as the GIS Analyst am working in ArcGIS Pro, and I build a database connection to both my Staging and Production database, it doesn't name them based upon the name of the sde geodatabase but rather based upon the instance. I therefore get instance.sde, instance(2).sde, and instance(3).sde. I would like to see ArcGIS Pro recognize the database name and name the connection off of the name and not the instance.

by Anonymous User

Would love to see this in ArcMap as well


I'd suggest that the default name include the instance, database name, and user - we often manage many database connections across various servers with multiple user accounts per database. 

A related Idea is: Defining Database Connection Name while creating 

by Anonymous User

I hope this gets more attention. An annoyance every day. @KoryKramer any movement on this sort of idea? Thank you.