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ArcGIS Pro: Create Pane for Definition Query

02-24-2020 11:37 AM
Status: Open
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Similar to the Symbology, Labeling, etc. panes, it would be useful to have a pane for Definition Queries that you can view and modify by layer. Rather than going into the Layer Properties, having the definition queries accessible in a Pane would be much more efficient and easy to use - especially for switching between queries, creating new queries etc. You could have a similar 'Apply' button as well. 


When using Definition queries in order to filter and visualized data on the map I am required to follow a few steps: Right click on the layer>>Properties>>Definition queries>>creating required query>>Apply>>OK

After following those steps I will see the queried data on the map, but often I would need to change the query a few time in order to see the differences on the map.

It would be great if the Apply button would actually apply the results on the map so I can just have a look and change the query again if needed (As it was in ArcMap).


Yo EliazKlein. I TOTALLY agree! You should probably create a separate Idea for this so user can vote. Regards.  marie


@Marie_Ducharme Eliaz's idea was separate but after reviewing with the development team we determined that the work would fit together with a definition query pane and solve the problem - we merged the ideas.

Thank you


It would be really handy to have the Definition Query dialog available via right-clicking a layer in the Contents pane, similar to how Labeling is set up - one line in hte right-click menu for DefQuery properties and one line to quickly / easily toggle the DefQuery on and off without the many clicks required to do so via the layer properties dialog.   


See @wayfaringrob 's way of setting up a quick way to launch the Definition Query properties as well as have the toggle available from the QAT: