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ArcGIS Pro Contents Pane Feature Layer Names: allow choice between displaying feature class name or alias

06-15-2023 07:00 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to have the ability to choose between display of feature class names or feature class alias names in the ArcGIS Pro Contents pane.  Ideally, this functionality would be readily available from the Contents pane interface but not so front-and-center that someone will activate it without realizing it and create a grand mystery for themselves.  I envision a right-click menu choice or a setting in a right-click>Properties dialog, though a setting in the Project>Options interface would work, too.  Here is my motivation:  ArcGIS Pro automatically displays existing feature class aliases as layer names in the Contents pane.  I work often with existing geodatabases from clients where I am not at liberty to alter the existing feature class aliases.  Due to poor feature class alias use on the client's part, I often encounter mutliple feature classes with the same alias name, and I end up with multiple layers in the Contnets pane displaying the same name.  Not only is this nonsensical and confusing, these alias names are used in drag and drop of layers into geoprocessing tools.  One example I am dealing with at the moment is multiple utility "junction" feature classes, like ElectricalJunction, CommunicationsJunction, StormJunction, etc.  In my client data, each one of these feature classes has the alias name "Junction."  This situation is maddening and unacceptable.  A similar situation exists for field names and aliases, but there are plenty of ideas registered here for that problem.

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Merged froma separate idea.

I prefer to reference the true table name of FCs/tables, not their alias. I find aliases cause confusion.

Could we have an optional setting in Pro (for all maps/projects) to use table names, not their aliases, as the default layer names in the Contents Pane?

In other words, use #1, not #2, as the default for #3: