ArcGIS Pro Contents does not have Collapse or Expand in the Context menu right click properties !

11-05-2021 08:48 AM
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So when I am working on many orthophotos to add to my ArcGIS Pro to review, and what I find is there none to make it easier to do.

So when you create a Group Layer to add many images.  When you highlight (blue ones) and then right  click to open the context menu, there is no collapse or expand groups to turn it on.  The only thing I see is the feature is the  "Turn On". This is only when you tell ArcGIS Pro  to turn on all the images.

Please can you add them ?

Here is an example from Microsoft Outlook, It has these features and it is a life-saver when you have so many emails.



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Control-click expands and collapses all groups in a hierarchy.

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