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ArcGIS Pro Catalog view: Double click on Map to open it

09-10-2019 11:32 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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99.99999999% of the time I open the maps folder in ArcGIS Pro's Catalog view, the very next thing I want to do is open a map. When I double-click on a map object, please make the default action to open it. Showing me a list of layers in it is something I pretty much NEVER need to see, but I end up there at least twice a week while trying to open a map.

NOTE: The Catalog pane (the smaller dockable palette) opens the map via double-click. Can we make the Catalog view do the same thing?


I upvoted, with the caveat that I'd still like the ability to see whats in the map without opening, perhaps moving that to right-click view layers, and assign dbl-click to open. 


I 100% of the time want my map to OPEN when I double click on it, I have never had the need to view its layers direct from catalog, but I do like the idea of being able to 'view layers' by way of a right click option, that was a good suggestion by Thomas Colson

This is what happens to me at least once a day, and it drives me mad:

Us windows users (and I am guessing its the same for Mac?) have come acustomed to double clicking a file in Windows Explorer, and that file opening in its native software, I think we should be able to expect that the same thing happens within the Pro catalog view?


I just noticed this idea has a status of 'reviewed', and seeing as there is no comment from an ESRI rep, does this mean it has been reviewed and declined? What does 'reviewed with no comment' mean?


I am aware that this may be a "feature" to some but I suspect that most find it an annoyance: double clicking a map in a catalog view or the catalog view's TOC does not open the map. It opens a view listing the layers contained in the map, which may be useful to have as an option, but runs counterintuitively to the way double-clicking works elsewhere in the application. Double clicking other items, such as layouts, opens the layout, and double-clicking a map in the catalog pane does actually open the map - the opposite of what happens in the catalog view. For these reasons, and my assumption that most people when navigating to a map are trying to open it rather than view its contents, I would really prefer double clicking to just open the map. I am always accidentally opening that list of layers. It's currently R click > Open to actually get it to open, which could be replaced with a "View Layers" command or something.


I would agree that this behavior should be consistent across the View / Pane and across different item types.

by Anonymous User

In general, it is strange that the catalog view and catalog pane have different functionalities at all. I am glad that it is at least all in one application this time around.


TOTALLY!!!!!! Double-clicking a map (or a layout) listed in the Catalog View should open the said item.


Really, what is the point of this view? Can somebody explain what they use it for? You literally can't do anything with the contents. Double clicking does nothing. Right clicking does nothing. Dragging to a map - perhaps the only thing I might want to actually use this for - does nothing, gives an error even. Geography cannot be previewed. Table cannot be previewed. Contents cannot be renamed, removed, copied, or moved. Was the sole purpose to frustrate??

I understand that the developers have other things to do, but my god, Pro should not feel like a beta over 7 years in. I feel like every day I find another basic functionality that is missing or broken.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hello @wayfaringrob , 

Thank you for posting this Idea! Your Idea was requesting the same thing as this existing Idea, so I have merged the two together. The kudos are merged as well, but I ask you to give a kudos for this Idea, so your vote is counted as well. 

Thank you,