ArcGIS Pro Attributes Pane column tool-tip disable

05-14-2020 08:02 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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In the attributes pane when you hover over a column name a tool-tip of the field definition is displayed.  This is not helpful to editors as it covers up the values.  It would be nice if this feature could be toggled off.


No response from esri yet? I am still seeing this behavior in Pro 2.9.2. It is very annoying. 


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When using a docked attribute window to edit attributes on features in ArcGIS Pro, a map tip-like window appears if you leave your mouse hovered over a field name, obscuring the attributes you're trying to enter.  It would be great if this option was able to be turned off in the application settings.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Like Sean Avery screening Martin Brodeur.


I agree this is very annoying when trying to edit attributes.  It would be very nice if you could turn that feature off.


I agree also that this is very annoying, it is always covering up items that I am trying to read.  It also does it in the symbol gallery and attribute tables.  I do not find it useful and it gets in the way all the time.  If someone knows how to turn this off please let us know.  Thank you