ArcGIS Pro 2.5: How to label polygon layer based on a particular rotation stored in a field?

03-14-2020 11:09 AM
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ArcGIS Pro 2.5: How to label polygon layer based on a particular rotation stored in a field?


For example, for point layer, one can label the features based on a particular rotation stored in a field. Wy this is not available for polygon layer?


Can this be considered as an idea for enhancement?

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What is that you actually want to achieve, have the labels somehow "fit" your country polygons by rotating them? Or do you want to rotate the entire map including all of its labels?

If the former, I think Maplex's curve fitting and label font scaling options are far more appropriate and convenient than some manually set rotation angle. E.g., see these nice examples of labels that fit the glaciers by using Maplex curved fitting options and font scaling.


Many thanks Marco for the input


What I wanted is to have the labels rotated as shown in the screenshot below. Is this still possible?



You really should spend a bit of time to familiarize yourself with all the options in the Maplex label engine. Yes, it can be intimidating in the beginning, but once you get to know some of the most important settings, and develop a feeling for their effect, you should be able to handle these label jobs fine. The lower image shows what can be achieved with careful Maplex label settings and distinct label classes, all of the labeling in that image is dynamically placed by Maplex. Not a single manual intervention.

And ultimately, if you want full control, Annotation is the way to go, but that is largely manual placement. However, I don't think that is what you want, and dynamic labeling with Maplex has the advantage of well... being dynamic! It will adjust to changes in the data (although feature linked annotation is based on field contents as well).


Marco Boeringa‌ pretty amazing!


What I have essentially pointed out here is that we need a field based on which labels are rotated for polygon layers the same as what is available for point layer! Much easier and straight forward.


Nothing will achieve the labeling format as appears in my screenshot above!


I think if you want to rotate the text you need to go down the road of Annotations or extract the polygon centroid and rotate around that and hide the centroid with no colour.

To add this option to the interface (i.e. choose a field to rotate on) would imply that you are rotating around a fixed point which in the case of a polygon would likely be its centroid.


In reviewing ArcMap label properties, I don't think there ever has been a polygon labeling option for rotation by attribute.  Only for point geometries.  Geodatabase annotation would be the best practice here.


Hi Duncan,

Nothing will compensate having a field based on which can rotate labels for polygon layers. This property is already available for point layer. Why it is not available for point layer?


Hi Robert,

I have never mentioned that rotating labels based on a field is available in ArcMap. I’m saying that it is available in Pro and ArcMap for point layer


You could calculate a point centroid layer for the polygons and use that for the labelling as a workaround until enough steam is gathered for it to be implemented for polygons


Thanks Dan.


This is why I’m sticking it the idea section! I have already implemented that approach as it appears in the screenshot above