ArcGIS Macintosh Version

03-20-2011 10:29 AM
Status: Closed
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ArcGIS Macintosh Version.
Status changed to: Closed

I wanted to reach out here to provide some communication on this request especially because we see that it periodically receives additional kudos and comments. We actively use the ArcGIS Ideas site to understand how we can continue to improve the software to meet your needs. We are listening - you are being heard, but we are not able to implement every request that we get. There are always a multitude of factors to balance when considering what is feasible to develop, and investing the time and effort to create desktop GIS software that runs natively on Mac has not outweighed other areas of development to meet the needs of our broad and diverse user base. 

While there is no plan to pursue this request, it is important to stay up to date on this help topic: Run ArcGIS Pro on a Mac. Of course we see in the comments that everyone is aware you can run on Parallels. Note that when Apple's M-series processors were first released we were seeing stability issues when testing on those machines. That story has changed and we continue our performance and stability testing of ArcGIS Pro running on Mac's and strive to communicate through that help topic. 

Thank you for your continued communication through ArcGIS Ideas.