ArcGIS Macintosh Version

03-20-2011 10:29 AM
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ArcGIS Macintosh Version.

This would be fantastic. Like most full-stack developers, I use a Mac but have to always ensure that I have some way of getting access to a Windows machine for the sole purpose of being able to use ArcGIS Pro when there's no other way to accomplish something.

To do this, we only have three choices:

  1. Run a Windows VM on my Mac and share the Host OS's (Mac) resources (Processor, Memory, Storage) with the Guest OS (Windows), giving me a severely underpowered Windows machine running ArcGIS even though I'm using a top-of-the-line MacBook Pro.
  2. Run a Windows Bootcamp partition, allowing me to dedicate all of my systems resources to the Windows box, but meaning that I have to completely shutdown and restart my machine any time I need to switch operating systems
  3. Run a dedicated physical machine on the same network and remote into it when necessary, which can mean having to copy files across the network at times as well as introducing network latency issues during visualization.

Truth be told, there's currently no good Esri solution for GIS in OSX, which is why I am drawn more and more to open source solutions like Boundless Desktop and QGIS. Esri could address some of this by increasing the robustness of the Python API to include some local analysis functionalities or at the very least adding File Geodatabase operations for Python API

Of course, the ultimate would be porting ArcGIS Pro to OSX but I suspect that would be a massive reengineering effort for an application that Esri has already laid much of the foundation for. So I doubt this will ever happen.


Review, but any news about the port to mac Os for arcgis Pro.  Any decision or roadmap?


Pleeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeeee make this Mac OS compatible so many people and companies are waiting for this!


Sure this dream of a return of Esri on mac is just a dream.  Now, the port of mac on apple silicon will be another stop.  

Arcmap won't be port because it's to link to window libraries.  Maybe Pro in the future have a chance.

For now, MacUser, we have to do everything on a mac but, have to stick to Window for Esri unless change gis software.  For me is using my mac to control the arcmap arcgis pro on the dedicated office window computer.


I totally agree. I use QGIS a lot, because I hate booting to windows.


Me too but, I'm also waiting for gv_sig.  The structure is likely and update to arcview 3, so easy to undersand.  Unfortunately, the macos version is waiting the finalisation of this version.  Wait and see.


Don't wait for it.  Now, with apple silicon, ARM processor, it will be to much work.  Since the base install are on windows - intel why bother... You need ESRI product, go on win.

The only chance I see, but not before my retirement (ouf finish with windows ). Is windows selling windows arm and makers move to it since portable count for most of sales.  Forcing ESRI to move to ARM could make them to clean ArcGIS and then port Pro to Mac OS.

The best way is, like me, working in my Mac mini and controlling the dedicated pc with Esri product from Remote Desktop. 

So, can't see if all problems we having since arc view 3x are from ESRI or windows.  Not making a Mac OS version leave ESRI a door to point to windows for all the problem we have.


yeah I switched to a windows pc just because I'm in the ESRI environment and needed a new computer. It is what it is but you are right Marcel, don't wait. 


Since the appearance of the new M1 and M2 chips for the Macbook Pro, it is no longer possible to create a Windows image on your computer, perhaps the reflection will be put on the table. Especially since some solutions are offered exclusively on iOS (SiteScan for ArcGIS).




Hi everybody. I am a newbie ArcGIS Pro user who would be very glad to see this software natively supported for Mac OS. The could really leverage the elaboration power of the apple silicons... Do you know if ESRI is making some sort of assessment to see how many apple users are out there wishing the same thing I wish? Is there a way to "lobby" this? I use Parallels only for a small Italian energy app, from a small firm which I understand has not the resources to make the porting, but for ESRI is quite different. It's a shame to use ArGis Pro under emulation, considering that smaller counterparts has the Mac OS version. Where can we have some voice?

Thanks and have a nice day.