ArcGIS Explorer - add functionality found in AEJEE

04-14-2010 06:36 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to see some of the funtionality of ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education (AEJEE) added to ArcGIS Explorer. Specifically: export to image formats (jpeg), diplay and query attribute tables, classification and graduated symbology options, more fine-tuned symbology options overall, the ability to lay out and print maps with map elements such as titles north arrows legends and scale bars.

I like the modern interface of ArcGIS Explorer, but it does not provide all of the functions my clients need, which AEJEE does. However, AEJEE will not install properly on newer Vista/Win7 machines. I have also heard that there will be no more updates to AEJEE. This has put me in a bind recently. As my clients upgrade thier computers, they are losing the ability to work with thier GIS data.

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These changes to arc explorer are hugely frustrating!  I am trying to introduce non-geographers to the world of GIS tools.  To do this I have developed an exercise for my physical geography class that has them symbolize the depth of Equakes so they can visualize the patterns inherent in subductions zones, transform boundaries and spreading centers.  By making the old AEJEE disfunctional on windows 7 machines, and making the new "arcgis explorer" a useless cartoon drawing tool, and limiting the ability of the online arc gis explorer to accept anything more than 1000 events... you have taken away a very useful exercise and made it very difficult for me to meet one of my important goals for my 100 level science course... to introduce students from beyond geography to the 'cool tools' of geographers!  While this could be seen as a way to force everyone to buy into the regular desktop GIS products, I have to beleive that this is the result of somebody (or a group of somebodies) losing thier focus and getting caught up in cutsie new upgrades and forgetting that giving teachers a free useful tool to introduce students to the world of GIS analysis is a core part of the ESRI mission!