ArcGIS Adminstrator - Method to identify users holding licensed tools

11-03-2014 08:01 AM
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-- Problem
Sometimes, when I need a license either for Desktop or an extension, it is not available. Sometimes the person who has it checked out is not using it at the time I need it and could make it available if requested.
ArcGIS administrator does not provide an easy way for a user to know which other users have the license they wish to use checked out. This makes the efficient use of concurent licenses very difficult.

-- Request
1) Allow each user to check a box in their ArcGIS Adminstrator that allows other users to see what licenses they have checked out and some contact details etc.
2) Another check box should "Allow other users to grab my licenses if not in use"
  a) This could be optionally be restricted to a time period, before the license reverts back.
3) Update ArcGIS Adminstrator to show a user which users have licenses checked out, how long, and whether they are checked out and not in use, how long they have not been in use.
4) Maybe add messaging into the License Manager to allow users to aid sharing licenses
  a) I'd like to borrow this license now for an hour 
  b) Are you using this ?, I'd like to grab it all next week
  c) I grabbed your Advanced Desktop license, I need it until end of play today
5) If a user launches ArcGIS desktop, for example, and their Advanced License has been grabbed, ArcGIS Administrator should pop a dialog "Your advanced license was grabbed until 10:30 by user: J Doe 123-456-7890"
So, if I need an advanced license, for an hour, and there are none free,  I can click and find who has that license checked out and not in use, and give them a call, or even message them within ArcGIS Administrator.


Sometime we have similar problem: users holding license with no use at all or forgot to check out. When we had ArcSDE there was an easy way for administrator to see who are using the licenses and then "kill"  licenses in appropriate case. It would be very helpfull if there is a way to track who is using and for how long the licenses are in use.


Licensing in ArcGIS Pro only allows users to see how many seats are available, but not who are occupying the seats in use. This feature is only available to the administrators. This would be useful at the user level, to be able to follow up with current users if no seats are available. Outside of this, a timeout feature of 15 or 30 mins would be useful, to free up a license if current users are inactive.


That second part of the idea related to timeout exists as Please add your kudos there.


I have a license monitor that runs in a Docker. Actually it's possible to run it outside of a Docker but for me that's too much work. It's available from Github, here:

I will check it over and update the screenshot, I have to check in some changes. It's not as pretty as it is in the current screenshot because I am re-writing it to be a REST service (as time allows).

It can't do any of the really fancy things requested here but it works for us -- just shows how many licenses are available and who is using them. Our building phone directory tells us what the phone extension is and what the machine name is so we can deal with it from there.

Drop me a line if you are interested in this and can't get it running from my instructions.