License Manager Idle Timeout

07-05-2011 01:33 PM
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Enable the LM utility to set a timeout and automatic check-in for idle licenses being occupied on client machines that are inactive.This will free up idle licenses to be utlized by other concurrent users and ensuring maximized availability.

This would be useful as sometimes users forget to log out of ArcMap when they've finished using it. If there was an automatic log out facility, it would free up the licences for other people to use.
We regularly run into issues with idle licenses locking up databases and consuming licenses.  Even if the check-in wasn't automated, giving the administrator the ability to manually check-in licenses would be a huge benefit.
There is already a setting for this, check the ESRI documentation on how to do it.
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Force check-in of Concurrent Use licenses (otherwise known as releasing licenses) was added to ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1. It is accessible through the Availability dialogue of the License Server Administrator utility.

Related topic: You can also set a TIMEOUT in the options file:



I have installed License Manager 10.5 and it seems that TIMEOUT & TIMEOUTALL options doesn't work at all.

The second link: Related topic: You can also set a TIMEOUT in the options file:

Drives me to an error page.

Anyone knows if ESRI have removed this feature?



This was removed in 10.4 & still in 10.5 License Manager. I thought there was another thread on here to add it back, but I have not found it. We put a request in to Support for them to add it back as well.

Using the options file—License Manager Guide | ArcGIS Desktop