ArcCatalog Show/Hide Hidden Files

08-24-2010 09:29 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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I'd like to have an option for ArcCatalog to show or hide hidden files.


It is showing hidden system files, such as Thumbs.db, which is just the Windows Explorer thumbnail cache file and should even be showing up in ArcCatalog.


It could also honor whatever you are using for your Windows Explorer show hidden files setting.


A custom extension to our ArcGIS system uses the Windows OS 'hidden file' setting as a way to get around the locks placed on .gdb files within an ArcMap session -- flagging files for deletion after the session is closed, via an automatic housekeeping process.  This process would work much better if ArcCatalog indicated which files are hidden in this way, so we know that they are files that have been marked for deletion by our system.

Status changed to: Under Consideration