Analyze ArcGIS Server Service Equivalency in Pro

12-06-2019 10:42 AM
Status: Open
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I have been testing publishing mapservices from Pro to a standalone ArcGIS Server (AGS) and I have found that the Analyze function is not equivalent in Pro to ArcMap.

I have my AGS environment setup where no data is allowed to be copied to the server, so if I use a data source that is not registered with AGS in the DataStore the Analyze tool will let me know.  I was publishing a test service that was not using registered data sources and the Analyze tool did not tell me the data sources were not registered with server.  I only found this information out after I actually tried to publish the service and the error logs told me that the data source was not registered.

It would be helpful if the Analyze tool for AGS services in Pro can be updated to be equivalent to the same tool in ArcMap.