Allow users the ability to select the version of ArcGIS Pro software they want to update too in app, not just the latest release.

08-31-2020 12:09 PM
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 Allow users the ability to select the version of ArcGIS Pro software they want to update too in app, not just the latest release.I have users that need the ability to update to 2.5 right now but only 2.6 is available in app. 

Uninstalling and installing a version is an option of course but not all users in an organization have the admin rights to do this and it can be a lengthy process. 

Let the user pick which version they want their software updated.  Don't force the most current version as the only update version in app on users.

by Anonymous User

This is a good idea! I'm at Pro version 10.8 and would like to go to 10.8.1 but it seems my only option is to go all the way to 10.9... which I don't want to do!


Awesome idea!


Yes, please! I just accidentally updated to 2.9 before our license manager was able to support it. I now want to install 2.8, but only have access to 2.6.  I'm stuck not being able to get work done until the GIS manager obtains a copy of 2.8 for me. Very annoying.


Anyone know if this has been implemented yet? I have users that need to update to a new version (ideally 2.9) but now that 3.0 is out it automatically defaults to that. Version 3.0 needs a .NET update in order to be compatible (which we require admin permissions to install) and I would like the ability to allow users to be able to select 2.9 instead of 3.0. 

The only other fix I've found so far is blocking major version updates via the registry. 


@RobinCCOB mentions a very real issue - many academic institutions (and even more businesses) control very carefully what users can install on institutionally owned computers. Many times, software must be requested and then pushed out by central IT.  We're fortunate to not have that sort of restriction, but it is definitely part of the software management landscape.


We represent an umbrella organization with several sub-organizations and a team of testers/developers. We also welcome this idea, but would prefer the following implementation:

The organization administrators can determine per role (or group) whether all (e.g. for the testers/developers) or only certain ArcGIS Pro versions (e.g. for the users) can be downloaded. This allows the testers/developers to test the new versions while the users are still using the tested version.

This would go well with this idea.


When Pro checks for Upgrades if will notify you that there is an upgrade available.

We are in 2.9.1  and it says 3.0.x is available.  However we want to stay in the 2.9 release. In fact Esri recommends Utilities stay here. And had no idea there were patches available for 2.9 (Currently 2.9.6 is out there).

The software should give you the option of updating to lower releases than the latest version.



Yes, allow us to identify what major and/or minor release range we want to be notified of, but also as an admin, I would like to further drill down on this: our organization only upgrades on or after the x.x.3 release version. I would love a management tool that allowed me to introduce a property that only notified of updates that are => x.x.3, so my staff and I are not constantly being notified of updates that we will not install.