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organisation administrators need the possibility to deactivate the update notification & download now button for users/roles/groups

10-19-2022 05:33 AM
Status: Open
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We represent an umbrella organization with several sub-organizations and a team of testers/developers. To ensure that GIS projects remain interchangeable without compatibility issues, it is important that all users work on the same ArcGIS Pro version. 

Currently, each user can update his ArcGIS Pro individually with the push of a button. To prevent compatibility issues for their users, organizational administrators should have the option to both turn off the update notification for individual users, roles or groups (as described here) and additionally disable the "download now" button under "software update" in the "About" section of the "project menu" in ArcGIS Pro.

This would work well together with this idea.

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With some people doing the 3.x upgrades and others in our organization not doing so, it would certainly help us avoid problems in the future. We're still trying to figure out how to deal with the compatibility issues that have been created with the 3.x upgrades.