Allow specified AGOL users to take ArcGIS Pro licenses offline

01-07-2020 07:29 AM
Status: Open
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We sometimes have problems with corrupt offline license due to ip address changes so ideally want disable our users from taking Pro offline but have the option to specify that specific users can. Perhaps even allow this for custom role profiles


Absolutely Agree.

I have Military students, or students that work on JBLM, who do not have internet access in certain areas, and therefore can not use ArcGIS Pro, due to our (University of WA Tacoma) settings of not allowing students to take ArcGIS Pro Offline.

I came up with a work-around, turning off the option to prevent offline use, had the student take it offline, and immediately turned offline use off.

Student was able to maintain offline use, but this is very clunky, and not secure.

A toggle switch to allow only specified users to utilize ArcGIS Pro Offline would be very helpful (Default "NO" for everyone, but a switch for those who are allowed.).



Absolutely Agree too. 

Additionally, being able to retrieve disconnected licenses from those users devices which have gone over their time for offline usage without having to submit an ESRI support ticket would be brilliant. Perhaps something that an administrator could do from within AGOL? thanks.