Allow Images and Short Videos/GIFs in Pro Tasks

07-14-2020 09:45 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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Pro Tasks are fantastic and useful, but the instructions can be hard to follow for more visual users. It would be great if we could include images/screenshots, and/or short videos/GIFs in the instruction section to show users how to use the tools. Please consider adding that capability in the Tasks  instructions section! This would save time for both the users and for the Task creators, because they would be able to follow instructions much easier with a visual, and the tasks are generally created as a way to allow the support team to have more time to assist with new and unique problems by providing a tool to users for common tasks/issues.

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I would like to pile on this good idea.
Having visual examples to complement written instructions is rather handy.

Implement HTML or other pop-up quality code.
We can insert links to images and videos, which is great

Adding images inline seems like a logical evolution of the Task Designer's abilities.

Holding a user's had through a task to reinforce decisions with clear examples in the Task Pane would be a welcome imrovement to this feature.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Embedding pictures and/or videos can get complicated... where are those stored? what formats are supported? encodings? players? size setting and constraints, play settings,  capabilities... but we know we want to support it.