Allow for exporting to LPK and LPKX from ArcGIS Pro

05-10-2022 08:56 AM
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It would be helpful to have the option to select either .lpk or .lpkx when sharing a layer package from ArcGIS Pro. Clients and their systems still required the older style .lpk for submissions and deliverables. As our organization transitions to only use ArcGIS Pro, the process of creating .lpk files is the sole use of ArcMap. Having the option to save as an older version similar to Save A Copy to save an older version of an MXD in ArcMap would streamline the process. 

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Thank you for submitting this idea. While we understand there are still individuals and organizations using ArcMap, there are no plans to invest in development work to move ArcGIS Pro content back to ArcMap, as it entered the Extended Support phase of its lifecycle earlier this year.

It may not work in all scenarios, but one option to consider could be to deliver products to ArcMap users through services/web maps.