Allow Attribute Table to be Docked with Other Windows in Pro

03-20-2019 12:55 PM
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As far as I can tell, it is not possible to dock the Attribute Table with other panels (Catalog, Create Features, Geoprocessing, etc.) in Pro. Doing so was my preference in ArcGIS for Desktop, and it would be nice to be able to do the same in Pro. Docking the Attribute Table as an additional panel within the main application window makes the view area much smaller, and using it as a separate window entirely is not convenient when a second monitor is not available.


I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that the attribute table is a view and not a pane (so can be docked with other views but not panes).

Here also a related idea:


I would like to be able to dock my attribute tables together with the other windows i have docked on my second screen.

Currently i can only have :

1) my main map window, in my main screen

2) a group secondary windows (catalog, export, modify, symbology...) that are docked together in my 2nd screen, in an easy-to-spatially-organize docking system :


3) a floating window with my attribute tables that are all grouped together as tabs, also in my 2nd screen

My attribute tables group (3) keeps seperated from my secondary docked windows group (2). All the attributes tables are grouped together, but still in a separated floating window. And that is the problem. It makes me a lot harder to organize my secondary screen, even more when i change to another computer with differents screensizes (homeworking).

>> Request = make the attribute tables window dockable wherever we want, same as any other window. Exactly as it was possible on ArcGIS Desktop.

Then when we move it over any other docking group with would have those options :


I have already seen these posts, which don't answer to my request :

Thanks in advance 🙂


I'm looking for a way to dock panes to a view you might have torn away into a child window. A few examples of how I might use this:

  • Dock attributes to a table view
  • Dock symbology and labeling to a layout view
  • Etc.

Ideally, ribbon tabs might come along, too (especially in the case of tables). One thing at a time though - this idea is for panes.


Status changed to: Closed

This request is unfortunately not on our product roadmap due to technical complexity and the very different design intent of Views versus Panes. Tables, Maps, and Scenes are Views, and thus cannot be docked with Panes, such as the Contents or Catalog pane.

As noted in the comments on this Idea, this separation was not there in ArcMap. ArcGIS Pro is very different from ArcMap in that it is a ribbon-based application and depends greatly on context to drive the user experience and what you see on the ribbon. This context is driven by Views, like the Table or the Map. It is not driven by panes.

Views are also optimized for displaying content instead of hosting control surfaces. We also intentionally separate the persistence behavior of the two types: View state and screen location is saved with your project, while Pane state and location is saved to your machine.

This long list of differences is why we can't support docking Views and Panes together in ArcGIS Pro.