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User Interface attribute docking: option to appear all in same row

08-11-2021 12:05 PM
Status: Closed
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Add an option to place the new table window next to the existing one in a row. I think you call this stacking. 

In AGP Options, tables can be docked below the active map, stacked on top of the active view, as a separate floating window. 

The "below the active map" option stacks vertically on top of an already open table. While that is below the active map, an option should exist to have it in the same pane area as other tables. 

I tested each of the table placement options just now and noticed that regardless of the radio button selected, I can get the table to appear to the right of the presently displayed tables, for a time.  After 30-45 seconds or so of inactivity, the behavior reverts to the option selected. 

I would like an option to have the tables appear on the bottom of the screen (below the active map, but never stacked vertically), with newly opened tables appearing to the right of the already displayed tables. 

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Thank you for submitting the idea @GabrielMarcus_C 

Just to make sure we understand, are you asking to have an option for newly opened tables to open like this:


Instead of this:





No. I would like the second option. Maybe it is a bug instead of designed behavior when one table appears on top of another one? 




Status changed to: Closed

Hmm, I guess that is why I was confused about this idea because what you are asking for, then, is the current behavior.

Here is a quick clip that I just took from 2.8.2:


You may need to work with support to troubleshoot (depending on your User Interface settings).


Ever since this option was added (2.4?), the below clip has been how this feature has operated for me, so I thought that was the expected behavior! 

Here's a quick clip I also just took from 2.8.2. I have same option selected as you.  

I generally open the attribute table using control double click, but opening the attribute table from the contextual menu produces the same action. 





Thank you for articulating the issue to Support, @GabrielMarcus_C 

[BUG-000142263: Attribute tables docking above on the previously opened attribute table instead of st...] has been submitted.  Since you're attached, you'll be able to track this through My Esri.

If other users find this thread because you are affected by the same behavior, the bug should be available shortly on  You can search for it there and click Subscribe which will set you up for notifications, as well as increment the count of affected users which is important to help development teams' prioritization process.

Sorry for the inconvenience.