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Allow adding single raster layer from a Map Image Layer portal item to a map using drag/drop from Catalog Pane/View

03-23-2022 10:53 AM
Status: Open
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Often times map services are published with raster and vector data in the same rest end point.

When you double-click on a map service in Pro, you can drill down and add the individual vector layers to a map.

You are unable to do this with Raster data, forcing you to bring the entire map service into the map even if you only need one layer.

This same problem exists in Enterprise and AGOL.




Status changed to: Already Offered

hi @Nathan_A_Wood 

Even though, the Catalog pane does not list raster layers when you drill into a map service, but you can use Add Data from Path command and paste the url pointing to the raster layer off a map service and you will add a map service layer (aka map image layer) containing just one layer in it.

please let me know if it doesn't work for you or you have any suggestions.


NB: you can also share your map as a webmap and it should work when you open that in map viewer. That said, I don't think you can directly add a raster layer in Map Viewer the way we allow it in Pro





Good to know that works, but it completely defeats the purpose of having map services inside of Enterprise or AGOL to pull from in Pro.

Status changed to: Open

Thanks for the conversation on this @Nathan_A_Wood We clarified the title to indicate that the ask is specifically to support drag/drop or right-click> Add to map from either the Catalog Pane or Catalog View.

The comment about adding from the url is valid to help users know that it is possible that way, but this idea is more about usability of adding from the UI.

Please let us know if we're not interpreting this correctly.



Thanks Kory, I check every new version of Pro to see if it works yet. Most raster data we consume is not published as true image layers and our users have been struggling with this since 2018. 

Since Pro can display a single raster from a map service, it would be good to know if the limitation is due to Enterprise. I can post this idea over there if needed.