Aligning Annotation Feature Class Labels

05-20-2011 07:39 AM
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After labeling features, such as lines, and then converting those labels to annotation within a Geodatabase, I would like to be able to align the resulting annotation labels left or right.

When labeling lines, I can make the labels appear at a specified distance from the endpoint of a line.  After converting the labels to annotation in a Geodatabase, they remain in the same location:


I would like to be able to select the Annotation Feature Class Labels and align them left or right, much in the same way one can select two objects in a map, right click, and align left, right, vertical, etc.  Currently, I don't know of any way to perform this alignment for labels that have been converted to Annotation Feature Classes in a Geodatabase.




Aligning geodatabase annotation features can be accomplished by selecting features using the Select Elements tool (not editor tool), and then using "Align" options found in the draw toolbar to align multiple features.
While you can align them using the graphics tools the problem with doing it that way is that it moves the endpoints of the leaders on callouts.  If you have a big 'fan' of callouts that are labelling a cluster of features it would be nice to have a simple way to align them all without the endpoints of the leaders ending up all over the place.

The current functionality works fine for labels that are just text but callouts complicate the matter.

Please, this tool in ArcGIS Pro.



Hi, I'm unable to implement this solution...where is the draw toolbar? Could anybody provide further information? Screenshots would be great! Cheers, Duncan


Customize > Toolbars > select Draw and also select Editor.

Start editing (you can be in data or layout view), select annotation features using the Select Elements tool (not the editor tool nor the select features tool).

Once elements are selected, you can right click on your mouse and you will see the nudge, align, and distribute functions. Otherwise, you can select the elements and in the Draw toolbar, click on the Drawing drop down menu, and you will see the nudge, align, and distribute functions.


Thanks James, but I didn't have any joy. Not exactly sure what you mean by Customize>Toolbars>Select Draw and also select Editor.

Did you mean Customize Ribbon? Select Draw remains a total mystery - nothing in Toolbars or on-line search.

I have Select Elements available on the Layout Tab (I did add it to a custom toolbar/tab), but it doesn't select annotation features whichever way I try. I strongly suspect I'm unaware or unable to perform some basic ArcGIS Pro work-step.

Cheers, Duncan


Perhaps its not available on ArcPro? I am using ArcMap 10.7.1. Screenshots attached


LOL. I suspect it isn't ArcGIS Pro. Thanks for your help.


If only we can do the same as with draw item's.  Have services annotations pictogram to align or polygon to align.  Always have to do manual positioning or make it with drawing tools then convert to feature.