Advanced TOC functionality

12-06-2010 02:21 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Some ideas for Table Of Contents productivity enhancement:

  • Print or export TOC list – output current TOC contents with layer hierarchy, patches and other information (status, visibility, type of geometry) to printer, file or ArcMap layout. Useful for work with complex maps with large layer structure.
  • Instant search in TOC which immediately finds and highlights searched term in layer names or symbol legend labels (not only first characters). Useful for orientation in complex maps with large layer structure.
  • Transparency controls directly in TOC for one or more selected layers. Controls (text entry box and slider) indicate current transparency status of selected layer/layers (like Adobe Photoshop Layers)
  • Zoom functionality in TOC with slider zoom controls and scroll wheel usage (MS Office PowerPoint Slides tab). Possibility to see patches, layer names and labels in more/less detail.
  • Dataframe visibility switch – exactly like Layer visibility.
  • Isolate selected layers – filter/switch which shows only contents of selected layers or displays only layers which features are selected (AutoCAD Isolate, Adobe AfterFX Shy layers). Useful when visibility settings of layers need to be preserved.
  • Common properties for multiple layers selected – united modification of selected groups or layers, especially labeling, transparency, symbology, definition query, source…
  • Common group layer properties (like transparency) which override layer specific properties – e.g. labeling, definition query etc.