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Add Zoom to XY & Allow Re-positioning to be Saved

11-04-2019 09:40 AM
Status: Open
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  Currently it seems the  Go To XY doesn't have a zoom to the location option, the only ones I see are the option of panning to the location or flashing it, but not zooming to it at all.


 It would also be great having this tool bar to have an option (much like the Editing Toolbar does) to allow it to show up on the top of the map rather then defaulted at the bottom.  Or even better yet, where ever you move the XY toolbar to it would always show up in that location for every other project you opened. 

  Currently it's always at the bottom and always covered by my attribute table I have opened...


Thank you for submitting this, Pete Jordan‌.  This is really two ideas wrapped up into one.

Zoom to on the Go to XY control would be an ArcMap equivalency item - I added that tag to this idea.  

While the control in ArcMap behaves the same way as Pro in that it remembers where you put it within a session and does not remember that across all sessions, there is a difference in that ArcMap opens in the upper-left of the map; Pro opens in the bottom center of the map.  The part I don't understand, though, is when you say that it opens underneath the attribute table.  Do you have the attribute table undocked?


Yeah it is two ideas.  I have a feeling the more I use Pro, that nay pop up tools will automatically be auto positioned that just don't get saved, so might not be something with just this tool.  Probably should have added it to a new topic, but oh well, it's here I guess now...


Pete Jordan‌ don't forget to vote on your own idea!


ArcGIS Pro 2.8.4: Having an option to “zoom in” when working with “go to xy” tool,


It would be great if the Pro is enhanced by having an option to “zoom in” when working with “go to xy” tool


Also discussed here:

ArcGIS Pro: How to zoom to xy coordinates navigated by the “go to xy” tool?





Do you want this option for future versions? or just 2.8.4? because esri doesn't add enhancements to previous versions


Sure. I need it, of course, to be available in the new releases. 2.8.4 is the one I used to take the screenshots from


Hello @JamalNUMAN , 

Thank you for logging this Idea! Since the Idea you posted is requesting the same functionality as this older Idea, I have merged the two together to aggregate their votes. Please use the kudo button to add your vote for this Idea! 

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Thank you Amelia