Add zoom to select to the selection group in Edit tab

12-19-2020 08:41 AM
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When I am editing I often want to zoom to select, there is no zoom to select button in the selection group as shown below.


There is clearly space for the button to exist and is a screamingly obvious thing to have in that group!

Now when I try to add the button to the group I get this annoying message:


So I can't add a button to it, so my idea is for ESRI to add the button for us so that its part of the default interface.

Yes I'm aware that you can right click on the map and zoom to select, but I don't want to do that I want a zoom to select button in the obvious and appropriate selection group! Especially as there is space for such a button.




Hi Duncan,

The idea is valid, but I wanted to make sure that you were aware of the Zoom to Selected features button in the lower right corner of the map. 


That is a button that will zoom to the selected features in the map - this could be selected features from more than one layer. 




I did a video on how to do this. It's hidden in plain sight but always available regardless of the active tab.


@GIS-Chops  Just watched your video, like you I assumed that was just a useful counter in the status bar not something actually clickable! So good to know and is what @KoryKramer  was suggesting.

Anyway in your video you have added the button to the selection group on the edit tab. How did you do that? As when I try to edit the ribbon, I am blocked with that warning which I show in my original idea?

I'm using ArcPro 2.7 if that makes a difference? @KoryKramer  is this new functionality implemented in 2.7, that one can only modify the ribbon by having to create new groups? Whilst that button in the status bar solves my immediate issues of being able to zoom to something when in Edit mode I would still like to see the zoom to select button in the selection group as that is logic and sensible and where users (old and new) will logically look at. If not why have a selection group in the first place?

ESRI are forcing people away from the "classic" ArcMap interface into this new world of ribbons and tab which activate when you do different things. We are all having to adjust to this new style of workflow, always constantly looking at the ribbon and what tabs and group are available. The useful zoom to select in the status bar breaks this workflow and basically I find in unintuitive. Why would I be looking at the status bar when I'm editing and wanting to interact with a selection and there is a whole group of buttons just for selections on the edit toolbar?

This would be a minor UI tweak that brings consistency to the user experience.


Hi Duncan,

I don't think that this is new in 2.7.  In comparing and it seems that both are the same when it comes to not customizing built-in groups.  This may have been part of the work needed to clean up the previous customize experience where a tab was repeated a number of times:


The idea is open.  In the meantime, the selection button in the lower-right can be used, or you could also consider adding it to the Quick-Access Toolbar so that it will always be available regardless of ribbon context.


@MDuncan I must have added it before they started forcing us to create new groups. I added it when I first started using Pro and before I had learned about the little selected features button along the bottom.

I just tried adding another tool to the Selection group but was shown the same error you experienced.

I have found it's easier to use the button on the bottom since it is visible at all times. I have also found that if I have multiple features selected in multiple layers, but I only want to zoom to the selected features in one layer - the Attributes pane is the fastest. I right click on the layer "group" and choose "Zoom To". If I right click the layer in the contents pane I have to go to the Selection group, then the "Zoom to Selection". I always have the Attributes pane open on my second monitor so I can always see it.


Have you upgraded to ArcGIS Pro 2.8 yet?  


@DuncanHornby your main use case was when editing, so this should be good to go for you.

I believe the reason that we have not updated the status of this further is that we also wanted to make Zoom to Selection more obvious when in the Map tab, but didn't get that into 2.8.

Also, hopefully command search that was added in 2.8 will help users discover and get to the Zoom To Selection button if they are less familiar with the interface.

Hope this helps!


But you have added a new group to the ribbon to achieve this, correct? All I want without having to do ANY customisation is a zoom to select button in the Selection group. I spoof up an example here:





This is what my selection group on the Edit tab looks like:


But I think because I did it when I first started using Pro with an older version my customization of the selection group may be grandfathered into whatever Pro's equivalent of the normal.mxt file is. By the way @KoryKramer , what is that file and where is it located for Pro?

But like I said before, I rarely use it. I have become accustomed to using the tool on the bottom because I don't have to switch tabs to get to it.


OOPs, my bad, brain blip on this one @DuncanHornby 

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