Add the ability to remove items from the recent files list off of the File menu.

05-03-2010 07:57 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Currently there is no way to manage the recent files list on the ArcGIS Desktop file menu's recently opened files list. Please add a way to remove these items from the list. It could be something as simple as a right click option on a selected file with the option to remove it from the list. The only way I have found to handle this is manually removing them from the system registery.


Good idea. One way I have seen other application manage old or broken links is when its opened and the file is not found the user is prompted to remove or not remove the link from the recently opend files list. 
I would like to see the use of "pinable" files and options to clear the entire list with of course the exception of pinned files.
And on the opposite side of the coin, allow  users to increase the size of this list to include more projects than the default number.  Very helpful for those that work on multiple projects at a time and want quick access to the exact projects that were most recently worked on.