Add the ability to move multiple annotations in Pro without losing the anchor point for annotation leaders.

02-05-2019 03:34 PM
Status: Open
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In ArcMap you can select multiple geodatabase annotations in the map that have leaders and move them around without losing the leader line anchor location. Currently in Pro you can select multiple annotations however the leader lines anchor points are also moved the same distance the annotation is moved, thus changing the object/location the annotation is pointing out.


I create annotation for feature classes with hundreds of features and need the ability to select and move many anno features at once.  I have this ability in Desktop, but it appears that in Pro, you are able to only select and move only one feature at a time.  I would like the ability to select and move more than one feature in Pro like you can in Desktop.  If you are actually able to do this in Pro, let me know what I should do (I still don't have a firm grasp of how Pro works yet, lol)


😄 In Desktop: select and move more than one anno feature



>:( In Pro, can only select and move one anno feature at a timeAnnoEditPro.jpg


Yes, always basic ArcMap function not available in Pro or not intuitive to find.


Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Thanks for submitting this idea @KariBuckvold From what you describe, it sounds like it is the ArcMap equivalency issue already submitted as Add the ability to move multiple annotations in Pr... - GeoNet, The Esri Community 

Could you please take a look at that idea and confirm that you're looking for the same?  If so, we'll merge your request with that one.

If not, please provide additional details that describe what you need that is not captured in that other idea.

Thank you!


@KoryKramer , yes, this looks like the same idea, happy to merge!  This didn't come up in my search, I should have used 'anchor points' as a key term.  Thanks for checking!


Thanks for the confirmation @KariBuckvold I'll merge it now.


Any solutions to this issue yet?


Not yet @RichardKennedy2 Be sure to add your kudos to this idea to help prioritize it with the development team. Thank you!


I desperately need this solution. Lots of maps, lots of annotations with anchors flying all over the place! How would we be notified if this update does happen?


Please show the same context menu for annotation for a multiselection as is shown for a single selection. It is quite tedious to do the same operation feature by feature, and a bit unintuitive compared to other areas in the application and other programs.