Add "Date Created" and "Date Modified" on ArcCatalog Content window

02-05-2013 02:17 PM
Status: Open
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Currently, we have only "Name" and "Type" under the ArcCatalog Content window when you open a connection with ArcSDE Geodatabase. It will help a lot if we can add "Create Date" like the one under SQL server and a "Date Modified" field like the one under Windows Explorer.

I can find the option to display a 'date modified' column in ArcCatalog under Customize --> ArcCatalog Options --> general --> Contents tab, though it seems flaky because I'm pretty sure that sometime viewing without modifiying data will change the modify date.

AFAIK The created date is still not an option and this would be very, very helpful.

True dat, just looking at a feature class "modifies" it, that should not happen IMHO.  Also, turning the modified column on does not seem to get them to diplay in ArcCatalog anyway!  (Accessed over a WAN to Oracle SDE @ ArcCatalog 10.0 on a 9.2 or 3 SDE geodatabase.)  So I hope that gets fixed someday.  Create and modified dates should be on by default, it is such a basic piece of information.
I've been wanting this for years, and am just now getting around to submitting the idea....I'm glad others have already submitted and are promoting this idea.  This seems so very basic and helpful....why should this not be standard in ArcCatalog?  It could be configurable, so that if the user didn't want to see it, they could hide it.  Thank you.

I see the point but it might get carried away in processing too much detail.

Is this looking for the last reconciled & posted to DEFAULT edit?

or also considering non-reconciled versioned child edits that may end up being rejected and not posted back to DEFAULT?

or the last schema edit?

or the last meta-data edit?

or drilling into potentially huge lists of geoprocessing history?

all that digging could make Catalog slow to try and view long lists of enterprise geodatabase content.

It might work if editor tracking is enabled on all objects but that is not always the case.


Merged from a separate idea.

In an enterprise geodatabase, I want to see a list of tables and FCs, and sort them by the last time they were edited. So that I can review unused tables and FCs and consider deleting them.

It would be great to have an OOTB tool for that.


Thanks for the Idea @Bud. I've merged it with another idea as they are asking for the same thing.  Currently, the dateModified, dateAccessed, and dateCreated properties of a class or table are not generated for items in an enterprise GDB.