Add Overview Map to ArcGIS Pro like ArcMap has. ArcMap Equivalence

02-15-2021 12:14 PM
Status: Open
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In ArcMap, there's a floating Overview Map that shows you the area surrounding your Data View with an extent rectangle showing where you are zoomed.  In ArcGIS Pro, we need the same thing, an Overview Map to view the extent of zoom for the Layers tab.

In ArcGIS Pro you can create a linked map view, but you can't add an extent rectangle unless you have a layout.  A layout is not needed here.  We just need a floating overview map with an extent indicator. 

This problem would be improved by enabling any linked map to have an extent rectangle for the map it's linked to.  That would not be as easy as it is in ArcMap, but it might be sufficient.  To have full ArcMap equivalence, you should have a button/menu-item for the Overview Map that would just pop it up with the extent indicator present.



Bonus points if the overview can include a cursor indicator.


This would be useful when creating a print service in Pro as I use this functionality for a print service from ArcMap templates.


@DavidWheelock2 ,

There is already a tool (Overview Window) developed by esri (@Wolf , @UmaHarano ) in pro sdk which does similar functionality. Unfortunately it doesn't have any indicator yet but it's as easy as it is in ArcMap.

Here's the link:


you need to use Visual Studio to build the solution and install it.