Add Options on Create New Project Dialog

02-09-2018 08:19 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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When creating a blank Pro project from the Create a New Project dialog, add two more options underneath the option to Create a new folder for this project -  one option - Create a New File Geodatabase with the ability to toggle on / off depending on whether you will need a new file geodatabase. The second option would be Create a New ToolBox with the same toggle on / off. 

IMHO, it is just not necessary to have a new geodatabase and  a new toolbox for every single project I create.


Yes, having an options toggle is a good way to handle this.  Here's a related, specific request to allow the user to save a project without creating a FGDB.

Enable ArcGIS Pro to Save Without Creating a File Geodatabase

These two ideas are related, but different, and so should not be combined into one.  The one on this page proposes an option box.  The one I link to above is specifically for saving without creating a FGDB.


You can turn these off in 'Options > Application > General'.

I can see how it would be useful though to have a toggle if you knew you were going to need a new GDB or toolbox for that project.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

When creating a new Pro project, or saving a project started with the "start without a template" option, a Project default FGDB is sometimes not required. In this case, the "same default geodatabase for all projects" geodatabase is all that is required.

The option to change between creating a new FGDB and using an existing FGDB is made in Pro Options, which requires several clicks to update.


My idea is to add a toggle or checkbox to the "Create a New Project" and "Save Project As" dialogs to easily switch between the "same default geodatabase for all projects" and "New default geodatabase for each project" options. Similar to the "Create a new folder for this project" checkbox.

Here's an example of what the dialog could like like:

We're finding that all these unnecessary blank FGDB's that are being created are cluttering our file servers and Sharepoint sites. Something like this would help reduce the clutter.



100% great suggestion.   The set-up of how Pro operates is not ideal in an Enterprise working agency set-up.