Add new functionality to License Manager - Usage & Analysis Tools

03-22-2010 03:33 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Add posibility to see and account for the use of the licenses  at License Manager in terms of how many licenses , for how long and by whom are used.
Usefull to monitor use of licenses, in order to dimension number and level of Desktop licenses need in organization.
Much needed!
I've been wanting this for years. Please include.
 Most of the time contact info that can be collected is usually in a related table because there are yearly inspections that need to have information entered for the same spot multiple times.I came across your post looking for solutions for the last suggestion you had - I have a user that has decided to open arcgis on a desktop and laptop despite agreeing not to - going to read through the options file limits but I don't think there's an easy answer to that one...

Would be nice to have some tools that work on the desktop side that can show the status of the license manager to show who has what licenses in use. With IT staff not allowing users to login to servers this would be very useful.


Lmutil.exe still works for listing the users and the time the accused the license.  I have .bat files that I run at command prompt.


Is it the famous WhereHaveAllTheLicensesGone by Julie Skuba?

It's a great small utility. And it still works with 10.4.1.


No, mine is just a one-liner for "daily/anytime" use.  Bput we also harvest all the login/logout for all activity on the license managers, then run reports, usually annualy, to determine usage over all. One of our other developers here created excel reports that summarize in several ways.  Works slick.  I'm trying to get him to package it to share....he hasn't had time yet.


I would be very much interested.

The one I mentioned, uses Lmutil.exe too.


I'm out of the office for a couple weeks, but will try to share info when I get back.


That link just brings you to the Code Sharing page. ArcGIS Code Sharing Esri must have redirected it.