Add new functionality to License Manager - Usage & Analysis Tools

03-22-2010 03:33 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Add posibility to see and account for the use of the licenses  at License Manager in terms of how many licenses , for how long and by whom are used.
Usefull to monitor use of licenses, in order to dimension number and level of Desktop licenses need in organization.
another product that does most of these functionalities is OpenLM. it can show reprots by user groups and/or project groups and allow the adminstrator to relase full seats as well as extensions. it would be nice to have a more unified approach to license managemetn
I have written a couple of relatively simple apps:
1.  ASP.NET app to show current users of ArcGIS (ArcInfo/ArcEditor/ArcView) and extensions.  It shows when they started the session and it provides a simple mailto link to e-mail any/all current users (e.g. "Are you really using .... if not, please exit and let me know")
2.  Windows service to poll ArcGIS license servers and write the current users and features being used to a database.  The time window (when to start / end polling) and frequency (in hours or fractions of an hour)
I can be contacted if you are interested.
Dear Developters,

I need this tool to see the use for ArcGIS extensions (Who!!). it is posible a user have the extension in use but used not realy. So i can distinguish the situation.

I agree with the need to see who is using a particular extension in a way that is more user friendly than lmutil (which still exists at 10).  But this ability shouldn't be limited to the administrator.  People who get the message that all licenses are in use need to be able to see who is using the licenses, so that they can contact people directly to find out when it will be available.  It would be good if this enhancement would include full LDAP 3.0 compliance.

This should also include monthly and ad hoc reports of average and maximum number of concurrent licenses in use for each type of license and for each extension.
I Strongly agree with all prior comments !   I would like to see these ideas brought to fruition. While I appreciate the links and references to other scripts, It is much easier to get our IT department to support functionality when it comes from the Vendor of Corporate software than explaining to them the need to run such scripts from a user post board.
This is an excellent idea. A tool to monitor license usage would be a huge help to my department. Even if it ran once an hour and dumped to CSV I would  be happy enough
Great idea, many of our customers demands this kind of funcionality in order to plan and reserve licenses for their GIS production platforms.
It's very useful to know who are using Desktop Licenses
I was just writing a new 'Idea' about this very thing. The fact that ESRI is lacking this functionality is absurd. If they want us to buy more licenses (and obviously they do) then they ought to be providing a useful interface to prove to our managers that we need them!