Add Layer Definition Query Indicator in Contents Pane

11-04-2021 02:50 AM
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It is not currently clear if I am looking at a map that is showing all the available data i.e. there could be a definition query applied to one or more layers. An indicator of a layer having a definition query applied would be useful in the Contents Pane.

I encounter this need when checking maps that may have had a definition query applied for a previous purpose but I am unaware of this. I manually have to check layers for definition queries being applied, but an indicator would be really helpful to see immediately which layers are being filtered.


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This idea is a duplicate of See that link for how to filter the Contents to show layers with an active definition query.


@KoryKramer  Thank you for looking into this. I didn't know about the enabling/disabling definition queries from the Feature Layer tab for a layer. However, this is not the same thing as showing at a glance that a layer has one or more definition queries applied as you would have to click on each feature layer in the contents in turn and check the Feature layer tab?


See this part where you filter the layers in the Contents pane to show only those with 'Active definition query'  That way you don't need to click on each feature layer...  hope that helps!




@KoryKramer That does help! Thank you very much.


You're welcome!  Glad to help.


Handy tips Kory! I still think an indicator would be handy, I'm going to upvote that other idea. Er, no I'm not, it's closed and it was for ArcMap.