[Add Fields (multiple)] Drag and drop to rearrange field order

04-24-2022 12:24 PM
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When configuring the Add Fields (multiple) tool, it's not possible to rearrange the order of new fields without removing the previous entries.



  1. I already filled out the tool with three fields - field1, field2, field3 - in my desired order.
  2. I add a new field - newfield - but now I want it to be ordered before field1.
  3. I would have to delete field1, field2, and field3. Then I would have to re-add them.

A less tedious process would enable me to drag and drop the new fields within the tool to fit my desired arrangement. This would be a quality of life improvement when building models or repeating processes from the geoprocessing history.

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We have issues with drag and drop using multivalues, so for now there is no plan to implement this.

As an alternative, just right-click on the field and you have options to move the items. Right-clicking is not so discoverable, but across the Pro app has a lot of useful and timesaving contextual features.