Add Drop-Down List to Annotate Selected Features Tool in ArcGIS Pro

10-06-2020 08:13 AM
Status: Already Offered
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The Annotate Selected Features tool in ArcGIS Pro has been significantly improved in both performance and  interface over the past few versions.  One thing that I think would be quite helpful is a drop-down list of available annotation layers (as well as the ability to browse for one not in the current map) for the destination.  Currently, the user needs to manually type in the name of the destination layer in the map.  I think a drop down list would help ensure the name of the layer is entered correctly and add a bit of time saving convenience for us users.


Thank you for submitting this idea, James Fournier‌.  It is a valid a request, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware that it is possible to drag/drop the anno layer to populate the tool's parameters.  That will hopefully help to ensure the integrity as well as the productivity part of the request.

I hope that helps!

Status changed to: Already Offered


Things have changed a bit since you posted



a list of annotation feature classes is available when you click the arrow next to Annotation Layers.  there's even an option to Toggle all of them at once by clicking the button in the lower left.

if you want to add one by one you can click the drop down arrow on the combo box and select from there.  using the Add another plus sign to add another entry.

In order to select annotation feature classes that aren't in the map you will still need to run the tool through code.  you can do it right from the python window.  example scripts can be found in the documentation here:



If you aren't seeing these UI controls, I'm thinking that you don't have any feature-linked annotation in the map you're working with.  Please double check, as the tool will only run with feature-linked annotation.