Add AGOL\Portal Groups in Pro, Add AGOL\Portal Folders in Content in Pro, Add Favorites in AGOL\Portal in Pro Portal Pane\View

12-08-2021 10:12 AM
Status: Open
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I want the ability to Create Groups inside of the Pro Portal Pane\View.  I want some additional interactions with AGOL\Portal.  I want the ability to add Folders inside of My Contents inside the Portal Pane\View.  Its extra button clicks to have to go outside of Pro to create Groups and Folders.  If we can add a folder via the Publish we should also be able to add a Folder in the Pane\View as well.  It would be nice to be able to Favorite inside of Portal\AGOL  in Pro.  If I can do it in the AGOL\Portal interface, I should be able to do it in Pro as well.

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For the part about favoriting portal items, see this existing idea