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Ability to Save Favorite Transformations for Geoprocessing and Maps in ArcGIS Pro

09-21-2022 10:58 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to be able to have a 'Favorite' Transformations list (similar to the favorite projections list) so that users could quickly pick the projections they normally use.


When choosing a transformation for a map from the list that ESRI builds using your current combination of geographic coordinate systems and spatial extents, it is sometimes hard to find the common ones used for your area. The ESRI transformation list is often long and filled with multi-step transformations that are not relevant to the geographic coordinate systems being transformed and sometimes the transformation desired is not listed.


Here in Canada, when making a map in Alberta, a user may choose a specific transformation from NAD 1983 to NAD 1983 CSRS (there can be more than one) and a different transformation for the same combination of geographic coordinate systems when in British Columbia (where there is also more than one).  If the user could put the most commonly use transformation into a Favorites list, it would be quicker for them to apply those transformations

A related idea for default transformations is here: Ability to Set Default Transformations for Geoproc... - Esri Community