Ability to "explode" legend items while still linked to TOC

09-24-2010 09:27 AM
Status: Open
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Sometimes I have to convert my legend to graphics because I need an uneven column grouping or something else that requires the ability to move each patch/label pair individually.  However it would be great if the patch and the label (even if they had to be grouped together still) could still be linked back to the actual symbology in the TOC.  Sometimes I can accomplish this by creating multiple legends, but when the items I have to move around are in the same feature class, it's too cumbersome.

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Adding Caroline Rose‌'s use case from https://community.esri.com/ideas/18905 

"Here is an example of how I would like to rearrange legend patches. This is a geologic map legend, showing polygon fills, with some of the patches arranged next to a paragraph. The paragraph that describes the group of patches can be created as dynamic text. A paragraph description avoids a lot of redundancy in describing each polygon symbol independently. I would like to be able to arrange my legend like this, then be able to change the colors in the map and have the legend remain in sync.