Ability to edit single pixels of a raster dataset

05-10-2012 12:44 AM
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To Change the pixel value in ArcGIS 10. Is it possible to edit the values of pixel of an image RGB? For example: I select a pixel with value 3,44,125 and want to modify it for 0,0,255

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You are asking a QUESTION not suggesting an IDEA. Your question is best posted on the esri forum not this web site.
The suggestion is correct however, it seems inept that simple and straight forward editing of a cell value in ArcGIS isn't possible.  I see various efforts to write third party tools to do this but they don't seem to work well. Is this hard?  I am always surprised at what Arc can't do, for example, some simple functions like easy GPS connections and cell edits in a raster.
I think would be important to have this ability inside of ArcGIS because in this way is not necesary have other software as Photoshop or ERDAS. 
If ArcGIS can manage rasters and make changes in they, the users only will use ArcGIS.
It is my opinion.

By other hand, I apologize because I posted the idea wrong I did a question but is it a idea.


This can be done with the latest version of the "Grid & Raster Editor for ArcMap". It supports many editable single and multi-band rasters in ArcGIS. The toolbar provides a set of tools to change the value of one or more cells. With these tools it is possible to:

  • draw a free line or edit single cells (pencil)
  • draw straight lines from one point to another (line)
  • draw a solid polygon (polygon)
  • change the value/color of a zone of cells with identical values (paintcan)
  • replace one value with another value in the entire grid (value replacer)
  • create a selection area in the map to limit the working area for the above operations (edit area)

Available for ArcGIS 10.0 - 10.8 on https://www.aris.nl/gridrastereditor_arcmap



paloma.sanchezesri-es-esridist‌ Does the ARIS Grid and Raster Editor for ArcMap allow you to do what you were asking?