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ability to edit Creator, CreationDate, Editor, EditDate

04-08-2016 04:36 AM
Status: Open
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New Contributor III
Add the ability to edit Creator, CreationDate, Editor, EditDate or to republish data with existing value of this attribute. This is important when publishing historical data or republish data after accidently deleting or corrupting your feature service in AGOL.

I'm in shock that this isn't possible.  It's a real problem.


Agreed this would be of high value to our organization.

There are some semi-work arounds such as 'Append data to Layer' (logged in per individual user that you want to assign the 'Creator' of the data to) but this is very very inefficient.

I do understand the requirement to maintain integrity of such fields - but when staff members change (ie 'Creator's), AGOL user names change etc etc... the re-assignment of the 'Creator' (+ CreationDate, Editor, EditDate) is crucial to transition & persist data integrity and ownership.

If some form of editing of these fields were offered to data administrators this would be a huge bonus to our organization. Not being able to do so limits our organizations use of the ArcGIS online platform in across the board.


I come across this problem now. I totally agree with Pat O'Brien and Richard Jansen.


Is there an update at all or any plans? This is really a time sink in working with AGOL data and not being able to edit these fields. They are great for data collection, but inevitably times when we need to edit these fields for queries of survey data. For example someone surveyed yesterday, but did sync their data until the following day. Then they see they missed adding a point in the survey. Now this new point is attributed with CreationDate a day later. I would love the ability to be able to edit this. I have post-survey scripts that pull data based on date range and this becomes a headache.

Please add the ability to edit these fields as an option.