Ability to Clear Recent Maps from the Getting Started Window

02-12-2014 06:37 PM
Status: Open
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Hi All, 

I would like to suggest the implementation of a button within the ArcMap options where the user is able to clear the recent maps list of its items. I have found using the 'help' that we can clear this list with the Registry Editor, but as a user within a company I do not have this permission, and I assume many other users would also struggle with permissions.

Can ESRI create a simple button that we can reset the 'recent maps' area to be empty....

The reason I ask, is because I recently created some new templates for myself, and saved them into the template directory so they will act as templates (obviously), but now every time I load ArcMap they appear in my Recent files list, which is not a good idea as I can accidentally (if not paying attention) load the template and edit that, instead of loading it as a template, which forces me to save as a new map... Have I confused everyone??? 😕



I meant to promote this. I accidentally demoted it...  ARGH!! It won't let me change the vote!
Great idea, I have low level GIS users who only need to see the one .mxd that they use and not get confused by previous versions or other .mxd's that may have been opened on their computer at some point in the past.  it would b egreat to beable to dump the files that are no longer relevant.
Having the ability to right click on an item and remove it individually from this screen would be perfect.