Pro Fabric Adjustments

10-24-2019 11:04 AM
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My organization is interested in migrating to the Pro Fabric, it seems to have much better tools for daily parcel maintenance operations. However, it seems to entirely lack the ability to adjust like a connected network or "fabric," considering that all the new adjustment tools preform transformations. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to get the transformations to adjust the correct features and the correct layers. For example, when selecting a cluster of parcels to adjust using the Links operation, often only the tax parcels layer is moved, pieces of the lots, and parts of lines and points associated to various other fabric layers. As you would imagine, this creates a topological nightmare. SO, the big question is how are users successfully making adjustments in the Pro Fabric? Is there any way to easily adjust all layers of the fabric, like the Least Square Adjustment function in the Desktop Fabric? Or is the current state of the Pro Fabric only capable of daily split/merge/create edits? #ProParcelFabric 

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@PaxtonRountree-jablin I moved this question to the correct location... this is why no one has responded to your question.

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