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Parcel points remain after unjoin/mark historic/delete parcel

06-24-2021 09:30 AM
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I'm using Parcel Fabric in 10.8, and I have this frustrating problem about once a week. Sometimes when I unjoin/mark historic/delete a parcel, its parcel points remain. They are not orphans or radial points and they cannot be deleted. I've tried manually marking the points themselves historic, changing their end date, using the "Delete Orphans" tool, regenerating parcel fabric, restarting ArcMap, restarting my computer, and they just won't go away! This happens on brand new parcels, parcels that are years old, parcels with plans, without plans, and all kinds of variables. I don't know what to try next, please help! 


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Hello ESRI,

I encounter the same issue as Anne describes.  I'm in Desktop 10.6.1.  Is there a workflow that would address these floating parcel points and how to clean them up in the fabric? 

Thank you.

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