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Constrained Point is being moved

03-21-2022 01:54 PM
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Hello Friends, 

I am replicating a workflow that I have used successfully many times when my parcel fabric was in a file geodatabase.  I've recently moved it to an enterprise database and published to my Enterprise server. Editing the parcel fabric via the portal connection is behaving differently, and I am not understanding why. 

Hoping that somebody here might point me in the right direction to figure it out. 

A survey has come in from the field in which some monuments' locations are now known.  I set the "Adjustment Constraint" on those points to "XYZ constrained" on the theory that they should not move.  I then attempted a least squares adjustment for the parcels in the immediate area.  The results of that analysis are here: 


I'm only showing one area -- I marked a couple of points as XYZ Constrained.  This analysis shows me that these monuments will move south, including the constrained point.  What I expected to happen, based on previous examples, was that the unconstrained points to the north would move northward.  At the very least, I expected the constrained points to stay put. 

Another oddity that I did not expect:  If I 'enable undo' on the parcel adjustment, the movements are committed and there is no undo option. Save and Discard on the edit pane are grayed out. I added the parcel fabric to my map document from the catalog panel, selecting the fabric from the Portal pick list. 

I feel sure that there is a key concept that I'm missing here... perhaps related to who owns what in the database setup and publication process. 



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The constrained points have two key attributes, XYZ Constrained and Is Fixed.  When Is Fixed = Yes you will not be able to move the point.

You can also try to verify the behavior you're experiencing before committing the LSA by comparing the X, Y, and Z fields of your Adjustment_Points layer to the X, Y, and Z fields of your Control Points.

Hopefully that helps resolve the points issue.

As for the second issue, do you have branch versioning enabled on the parcel fabric in your Enterprise portal?  If so, redo and undo are available when you're making edits in a named version, but not when you're making edits directly against Default.

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Hi Kevin, 

Thanks for the information... on the branch versioning and undo -- I actually was on the DEFAULT version ... that explains that.... thank you for that. 

On the moving point... I re-read the docs you linked to... the bits that I'm focusing on are: 




Based on your suggestion, I tried an experiment where I set "Adjustment Constraint" to "XYZ Constrained" and "Fixed Shape" to "Yes" on these points.  LSA still wants to move them. 


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With ArcGIS Pro 2.9 and Parcel Fabric version 5, you can hold any point as fixed by setting the IsFixed field to 'Yes'.

The new LSA engine allows for 'floating control points' - in which case the XY coordinates and the a-priory point accuracy (XyAccuracy field) are used in the adjustment as observation, but the point can still move. It is up to you to decide which points you want to hold fixed for the adjustment by setting the AdjustmentConstraint field to XYZConstraint.

The type of adjustment also matters: it will be constrained when you perform a 'Weighted Constrained adjustment' - that requires at least 2 points to be constrained.

But if you run a 'Consistency Check' which is a 'Free Network Adjustment'- all the points are allowed to move and the purpose of this adjustment is to evaluate a new survey coming in and detect blunders before integrating it with the rest of the survey network.
Which version of ArcGIS Pro and Parcel Fabric are you using?


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Good Afternoon Amir, 

Thanks for the description and background information.  That's helpful. 

I'm using ArcGIS Pro 2.9.1; Parcel Fabric v4; Enterprise 10.9.1

It looks like the behavior and schema changed between v4 and v5 in ways that I have failed to appreciate.  And that may be where I am confusing myself...  It seems like my next step is to upgrade the fabric to v5. 

Just one point of clarification.... you mention that it is up to me to determine which points don't move by setting Adjustment Constraint to XYZ Constrained.  I've done this (and also set Fixed to yes), and the point is being moved by LSA adjustment. 


Points with constraint set to XYZconstrained are symbolized with the green triangle in this view: 


Even if  not constrained, I would have expected that a point with XYAccuracy set to 1 would be encircled in red when the adjustment vector exceeds that (2.25 in this case). 

When the fabric was in the file geodatabase, those constrained points did not move under these circumstances.  After I moved to an Enterprise deployment, they do.  

I will upgrade the fabric to v5 -- something I should do anyway -- and see how that affects this behavior. 

Thanks again, 



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Yes - you should upgrade your parcel fabric to version 5 which matches the release of ArcGIS Pro you are using (2.9).

I am also seeing constraint points move... they should not. We are looking into it.

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Sedgwick County KS, also waiting until this bug is fixed. I updated, now it is Pro 3.0.2 and Parcel Fabric 5. In the Point layer, I set all the two fields, IsFixed and Preserve to 'Yes' and Adjustment Constrained to 'XYZ constrained'. Still, our GPS collected section corner points could be moved (or deleted) if I accidentally chose a vertex nearby with the GPS section corner point and the vertex point to preserve in the Merge Point Quality tool.  

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@MahindaAbeykoon- what you describe regarding the Merge Parcel Points tool is not the same problem as outlined in the original description of this post. The good news is that there is also a solution for your case. We have, by default, allowed the merging of multiple points that have their Is Fixed attribute set to "Yes". This allows an editor to accommodate workflows where they need to merge what are sometimes referred to as "porcupine corners" where there are multiple "Fixed" points at a single corner, and they need to be merged. To solve your case, where you'd like to protect from an accidental deletion when merging points, you can create a new Constraint attribute rule on the points, using the arcade expression:

if ($feature.IsFixed == 1)
{ return false; } 
return true;

 and inserting it as follows:





















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This is a bug with ArcGIS Server 10.9.1 that will impact anyone using feature services against a 10.9.1 Server.

The bug is that 'Constrained XYZ' points are processed as 'XY Free' - hence the movement.

This was fixed with ArcGIS Enterprise (server) 11.0. Please submit a hotfix request if it is needed with the 10.9.1 server. If you end up requesting a hotfix please mention that the development team has fixed it as part of issue #3235.


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